The Album (00:00 00:24)
1. This is his …………album.
1st 3rd
2nd 4th

2. What is the album called?
Clarity Heavier Things
Bigger than my Body Room for squares

3. Is it successful commercially in the United States?
Yes No

The Single (00:24 - 01:27)
4. What is the name of this single?
Bigger than my Body Heavier Things
Your Body Is a Wonderland Waiting on the World to Change

5. What is this single about?
   a feeling an experience
his body a memory

6. the feeling that is expressed in the song came from……..
a memory writing the song
another feeling another song

7. John May says the song has nothing to do with …………  and   ………… .
how many records sold who he wants to become
how many Grammys won not being able to be famous

8. “It is this feeling that ironically enough I had in trying to get this song out on paper. Of trying to get something out of yourself that you want to be, and not being able to get there.”

What does it mean to “get this song out on paper” in this context?

to make money from the song to finish writing the song
to publish the song in written form

Praise (01:27- 01:40)
9. Alicia Keys says John Mayer is ….
creative intelligent
good looking talkative
smart appreciative

Back to the Album (01:40-02:48)
10. John Mayer is not able to speak objectively on the differences between his albums because
he is not allowed to he loves all of them
he made them he is a singer

11. According to John Mayer, which of the following statements about the new album are true?
Most of the songs are played on an electric guitar. The music in this album is mellower, calmer, compared to his previous work.
The songs were written on an acoustic guitar without a band. The development of John Mayer as a person has not changed his sound.
This album displays the crazy, showy side of John Mayer. The album is different from the previous record because he, as an artist, has changed.

12. “I think when I was younger, I tried to go for the effect out of people. Trying to get someone to go like, ‘this kid’s crazy,’ or ‘this kid’s got something. It’s a fire thing

What is the meaning of go for the effect in this context?

Get attention form the audience Avoid consequences
Affect people

What is the meaning of got something in this context?

Is sick Has talent
Is crazy

What does fire thing mean in this context?

risk-taking temporary desire
youthful pride and passion hit

The Song Clarity (02:48-03:34)
13. John Mayer wanted to write the song Clarity since….
his breakup with Jennifer Aniston. the end of the last album.
he was a little boy.

14. John Mayer claims that this song is the closest that the audience will get to knowing him.
True False

15. “It was a piece of a melody that I came up with.”

What does “came up with” mean in this context?

played with was given
thought of brought

16. Clarity is about John Mayer’s struggle for
popularity peace
comfort serenity

Comparison (03:45 04:25)
17. Coldplay absolutely inspires John Mayer.
True False

18. “I think, because of our age being almost exactly the same, we both look up to, we’re both seeking the same thing. It’s not a matter of my taking from him or him taking from me, which I don’t think he’ll ever say because I don’t think he’ll ever do. There were people doing that before we were.”

John Mayer’s statement is most likely…..

a defense against accusations of him copying/stealing from Coldplay. paying homage to Coldplay.
advertising for their joint concert in Europe and Japan, beginning in the fall. trying to accuse Coldplay from copying/stealing from himself.

Future Plans (04:25- 05:52)
19. Why is John Mayer going to Europe?
to travel to write new songs
to promote his music/album to record a new album

20. According to the interview, John Mayer is planning on…… . (you may choose more than 1 answer)
going to Europe recording a blues album as a trio
writing new songs working with other artists
going to Japan going home and disappearing for awhile.
touring again