1. When will you guys learn that tots can’t ice skate?
        elderly   teenagers
        babies   toddler
  2. You look a little morose, honey.
        restless   tired
        sad   naughty
  3. What’s eating you?
        making you hungry?   something you want to say?
        bothering you?   next on your schedule?
  4. I just wonder, if like two people can stay together for good.
        for better or for worse   in love
        forever   pleasantly
  5. Well, that’s kind of messed up.
        disaster   inappropriate
        abusive   mean
  6. And I don’t have the best track record in the world, I know.
        speed   information
        history   facts
  7. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.
        staying away from   considering
        talking to   being around
  8. No matter what kind of pickle you’re in…obviously.
        affair   difficulty
        stage   age
  9. Dad, I think I’m just gonna shove out for a sec.
        leave   relax
        sleep   think