1. That’s some outfit! – The word some in this context means:
   awful    incredible

2. I miss the pace of life – The word pace in this context means:
   tempo    step

3. The weather is a ton better – The word ton in this context means:
   heavy    generally
   a lot  

4. Laid back…every islander is like that. – What does laid back mean right here?
   lazy    time consuming

5. And I guess, he (referring to Jay Z.) knew immediately you had what it takes. – What does what it takes mean right here?
   the potential to be successful    things she took from Jay Z
   the experience  

6. Not me, I wanted my fans to turn up with them. – What does turn up mean here?
   happen    buy
   bring along  

7. You can take someone’s eye out with an umbrella – what does take out mean here?
   damage    cover