1. Mickey Mouse is perhaps the cartoon character and fictional mouse in the world
  2. She's nicer than her sister.
  3. His daughter is 7 years old.
  4. Please get the oil changed in the station wagon. The the better.
  5. Are you in your family?
  6. We decided to consider the matter .
  7. The older I get, the experienced I am.
  8. My father is than our neighbor.
  9. I'm than you are.
  10. This group is likely of the four to win.
  11. He laughed like it was the joke he had ever heard.
  12. John is in the class.
  13. She’s as lively as her sister.
  14. stars filled the night sky, but there was one star that was than the others.
  15. Garry thinks that traveling solo is , far than anyone can imagine.