complaint satisfactory suffering
torture sprinkle sincerity quest
spectacular foreshadow resolve

1. I would like to write a letter to express my huge disappointment to the food and services I received from this hotel.
2. The result of this project is merely . I would love to see more improvement in your next assignment.
3. Scientists have been working very hard to the mystery of the outer space in the hope to find out if aliens exist on other planets.
4. The war will cause widespread human .
5. The Guantanamo Bay of the United States is infamous for suspects of terrorism. Many innocent people might have been falsely prosecuted there.
6. Let’s the pizza with a few herbs, it will taste much better!
7. Please accept my apology as I came to you with all .
8. Nothing will stop them in their for truth.
9. Disneyland is indeed a fantasy land for it has the most firework display of all time.
10. The recent outbreak of violence by isolated incidents in the city earlier this year.