1. How did Jonathan Ross compliment on Alicia Keys’s appearance?
    He said,
    1.   ‘You look beautiful!’
    2.   ‘That is a beautiful outfit!’
    3.   ‘Lovely to see you here!’
    4.   ‘Great to have you back!’
  2. How many times has Alicia Keys been on the show in total?
    1.   1
    2.   3
    3.   5
    4.   7
  3. Jonathan Ross: so the news has spread eh?
    Alicia Keys: Yeah, they told me.

    What was ‘the news’?
    1.   Jonathan Ross’s arrival in the US
    2.   Jonathan Ross’s departure from the show
    3.   Alicia Keys’s departure from the show
    4.   Alicia Keys’s touring plan in the US
  4. Did Alicia Keys get any leisure time to travel around England?
    1.   No
    2.   Yes
  5. Alicia Keys’s charity concert is aimed at raising money for..
    1.   The UK
    2.   Haiti
    3.   The States
    4.   England
  6. After the charity concert, Alicia Keys was going to have a concert tour in May in
    1.   The UK
    2.   Haiti
    3.   The States
    4.   Europe
  7. According to Jonathan Ross, what are the differences between American audiences and audiences in England?
    1. Americans are more demonstrative/ expressive.
    2. English people are more demonstrative/ expressive.
    3. Americans are more restrained.
    4. English people are more restrained
    5. Americans usually wait until the end of the show or song to display their praise.
    6. English people usually wait until the end of the show or song to display their praise.
  8. 8. Jonathan Ross: Yeah! But I like to invent raps at home and stuff like that.
    Alicia Keys: Oh, gosh.
    Jonathan Ross: If you want, I could do one over one of your songs for you and send it to you?
    Alicia Keys: That’s okay.

    What did Alicia Keys mean by saying ‘that’s okay’?
    1.   That’s a good idea, let’s do it.
    2.   No, thanks.
    3.   It’s not too bad.