1. Alicia Keys loves
    1. Portugal
    2. Spain
    3. Japan
  2. Alicia Key’s does not like
    1. Japan
    2. France
    3. Germany
  3. Alicia Keys likes Latin countries because
    1. people are warm
    2. people are loving
    3. their food is good
    4. their music is good
  4. Alicia Keys dislikes a certain country mentioned in the interview because the people there…
    1. tend to talk to her a lot.
    2. tend to yell and shout at her a lot.
    3. tend to eat sausages a lot.
    4. tend to say “Booyah!” a lot.
  5. Jonathan Ross: but I found a little stall with a sign, a stall on a corner.
    Alicia Keys: There’s a store?
    Jonathan Ross: A little stall. We call it a stall.
    Alicia Keys: A stool?
    Why did Alicia Keys ask about “store” and “stool”?
    1. She wanted to know about the store that Jonathan Ross had mentioned.
    2. Different accent –the British way of saying “stall” sounds like the American way of saying “stool”.
    3. Americans would use a different word for “stall” (such as “shack” or “joint”).
    4. She was trying to be funny.
  6. Does Jonathan Ross like German sausages?
    1.   Yes
    2.   No
  7. Select the word that Jonathan used in the video clip.
    Jonathan Ross: I would consider __________back just for that sausage.
    1.   go
    2.   going
    3.   moving
    4.   move