Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
shrug off plenty plant make a name for
mad Answer to (somebody’s) prayers missing piece of the jig saw

Q1. Although constantly troubled by a lack of money, he was able to it with a joke.
Q2. The teacher believes that the purpose of education is to a love for learning in the children.
Q3. My grandfather grew up in the era of war and famine. He always says I am very fortunate to be growing up in a time of peace and .
Q4. After years of practice, he finally himself in 2011 as a concert pianist.
Q5. I was to have listened to her in the first place. I shouldn’t have listened to her!!
Q6. What we want is the government makes puppy mills illegal. The new law which regulates pet supplies is amazing, but it is not our .
Q7. We found her! The ! Now we have enough members to start