1. Question 1.

    Peter: Who is ___________ dinner tonight? I don’t want to eat alone!
    Mary: I am!
    1.   into
    2.   up for
  2. Question 2.

    Peter: She’s not afraid of criticizing her employer in public
    Mary: _________________________
    1.   She’s got balls.
    2.   She’s on my case.
  3. Question 3.

    Peter: This is not going to work, what should we do now?
    Mary: _________________
    1.   We have to be very into this.
    2.   We have to do this all over again.
  4. Question 4.

    Peter: I really do love her, but her living style sometimes drives me mad.
    Mary: Real love is not without sacrifices, you should learn to compromise
    if you are really __________________.
    1.   into her
    2.   full of her
  5. Question 5.

    Peter: what happened to your arm?
    Mary: _____________________________
    1.   I busted it during that volleyball match.
    2.   I pissed around during that volleyball match.
  6. Question 6.

    Peter: He disagrees with you on almost everything, what’s wrong with you two?
    Mary: I had a serious, unresolved argument with him, and ever since then,
    he is always ____________________________.
    1.   on my case
    2.   cool
  7. Question 7.

    Peter: He claims to have fixed the computer.
    Mary: but it is still not working! He’s so__________
    1.   full of it
    2.   into it
  8. Question 8.

    Peter: Did you enjoy the pool party?
    Mary: Not really. We spent the day just _____________ beside the pool.
    1.   busting
    2.   pissing around
  9. Question 9.

    Peter: Hey see you tonight?
    Mary: Okay, __________! I'll be there at10:00.
    1.   cool
    2.   on my case