What do you know about Agnes Chan?

Who is she?

Singer, songwriter, essayist, novelist and Professor
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Where is she from? Why is she famous?

Singer and United Nations Ambassador
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Watch the video clip from Advanced English Conversation: Active Agnes and answer the following questions about Agnes Chan

  1. How many people are in her family?

    7: 3 brothers, 2 sisters, Mom and Dad

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  2. How old was she when she was first noticed?

  3. Where was it?

    At a charity concert in her school.

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  4. What brought her to Japan?

    A producer and songwriter came over to Hong Kong and asked her to come to Japan to sing.

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  5. When did she learn Japanese?

    She learned after she entered university in Japan

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  6. What was first phrase she learned?

  7. How did she learn her songs?

    Romaji: The Romanization of Japanese using the Latin alphabet.

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  8. What did she write in her notebook?

    When somebody said something to her in Japanese, she would write it down and ask people what it meant.

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  9. Why?

    To learn Japanese, everyday conversation.

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  10. What did she find the most difficult?

    To get feedback on her singing/performances.

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This time watch the video clip and take notes on how Agnes Chan explains the differences between singing in English, Cantonese and Japanese.


Using your notes, answer the following questions:
  1. How does she feel about singing in Cantonese?

    She likes it because the meaning comes through transparently.

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  2. 2. How does she feel about singing in English?

    Beautiful, easy to rhyme and sounds very good especially in ballads.

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  3. How does she feel about singing in Japanese?

    Very difficult and the most challenging out of the three.

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  4. Which one does she prefer and why?

    Cantonese because she feels at home with it.

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