Academic papers should be written in a formal style which means that reporting verbs should be formal too. Avoid using informal verbs such as the ones in the sentences below.

1. Grant (2002) mentions that advertisements do not generally reflect how men and women actually behave in real life.
2. In her latest study on herbal approaches, Sharpe (2008) comes up with some possible solutions to cardiac problems.
3. Gardner (1999) says that “The quickest and most effective way to improve one’s foreign language skills is through social and linguistic immersion in the country where the language is spoken”.
4. Aitkin (2011) reckons luck is fascinating when considered part of risk and chance.
5. Davies (2008) looks into the role of pro-anorexia websites in teenage eating disorders.

Click on the informal verbs in red above and replace them with a suitable formal equivalent from below.
examines   argues   proposes
  emphasises   believes