Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the words from the box below. Use the correct grammatical form of the words.
conservative astonishingly cease
disposable cloak stack pervasive
scorching monotony inconsequential



1. People tend to be more adventurous when they're young and more as they get older.
2. , he finished medical school in just three years.
3. ‘Anyone who assesses you or your relationship as is not worthy of your time or tears.’ - Greg Behrendt
4. Closing down in a month, the factory has already production.
5. The coastline was in fog.
6. The librarians are busy the books up on the shelves.
7. Corruption is now throughout the Department. We need to deal with it before the situation worsens.
8. It was a day. All I want to do is to swim.
9. I need a crazy night out to help break the of this week.
10. The proposal seemed so   at the time than neither can remember today which of the two raised the subject first.