1. My been sent to Greece by mistake.
2. We collected our before clearing customs
3. Many are suffering from a disease called BSE.
4. Your too tight.
5. My on my nose.
6. There are rumors that TVHK's news teams regularly take local news stories from , but take refuse to credit sources or even name-check titles.
7. The border guards stopped me and asked to see my .
8. He's giving on thermodynamics at a conference at Manchester University.
9. The photo was on the front page of all the .
10. A herd of was struck by lightning while they were grazing in a field.
11. Party members should not follow their leader like .
12. The company has moved to .
13. Being an actor has a certain amount of attached to it.
14. Have you got for my cigarette?
15. The lamp caught fire and set to the curtains.
16. A pair of in drawer.
17. The in the drawer.
18. Exports of military to Iraq are banned under British law.
19. They refused to give us any about her.
20. Can I give you ?