Reflexive pronouns

A reflexive verb is a verb whose subject and direct object are the same e.g. I dress myself.

There are not many verbs in English which we must always use with reflexive pronouns.

Example of these are:

To pride oneself (on), to absent oneself, to avail oneself (of), to perjure oneself.

The reflexive pronouns are: myself, yourself, himself, herself, oneself, itself, ourselves, yourselves and themselves.

The following verbs are most often found with reflexive pronouns:

amuse, cut, dry, enjoy, hurt, introduce, kill, prepare and teach.


Exercise 1 Drag and drop (Elementary)

Choose the correct reflexive pronoun from the box below and fill in the space in each sentence.

Exercise 2 Sentence Rewriting (Advanced)

Rewrite the sentences that follow using the word given + the appropriate reflexive pronoun. Do not change the form of the word in the box. You may have to change the structure of the sentence.

Would you like to take another drink? HELP
Answer: Would you like to help yourself to another drink?