Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional phrases add meaning to verbs and nouns in sentences.  In this way they function in an adjective or adverb-like manner.
When they act like adverbs they are often giving answers to the questions how, when, or where?

John is tired from this afternoon’s exam. (why)
Before the semester starts, most university students will receive their timetable on line. (when)
The terrorists planned to meet at the south end of Chatham Road. (where)
The protestors refused to leave until the police arrived (for how long)

When they act like adjectives they often answer the question which one?
The car behind the one in front of you is often said to be the most dangerous. (which one)


Task One
Highlight the words which you think form prepositional phrases. After you have done so, click the answer key to reveal the correct answers.

Task Two
Use the information below to expand on the sentence. Type the sentence in the spaces provided and click the answer key to see if you are correct.

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