Making complex sentences using connectives that introduce subordinate clauses 1


Complete the sentences below with the correct connective in each drop down box. If you get a wrong answer, refer to the mini-lesson above for help.
1. his excellent ideas, John's mark on the paper was low poor grammatical accuracy.

2. his hard work and positive attitude, he was accepted by the university's computer science programme, he did not do well on his high school mathematics exams.

3. The homework assigned by the professor was challenging it was informative.

4. get an A grade on the EAP term paper, students may need to go through many stages of rewriting and editing the amount of time it takes.

5. the standard of the Engineering programme is very high, only a small number of applicants were successful.

6. Amy's strength in speaking English, she has trouble in English writing, she works very hard at improving it.

7. David needed to work with children voluntarily for 100 hours fulfill the requirement for the university teacher training programme.

8. his very low GPA, Frank was put on academic probation his promises to make improvements.

9. her high score in the listening and speaking components of the IELTS exam, she was not hired her lower marks in reading and writing.

10. Mary received an 'A' in every subject of her Masters degree programme, she still did not win the 'Outstanding Student Award' her aggressive and selfish nature.

11. the high cost of housing in Hong Kong, it is still a relatively good city to work in and save money.

12. the typhoon was very intense, all schools and businesses were closed protect everyone.