1 Which would you choose if you offered a place at Harvard or MIT? (type 2)

2 If my Mandarin better, I might consider working on the Mainland (type 2)

3 my GPA improves I am going to find it difficult to get into Graduate School in the US (type 1)

4 If Mitt Romney Obama in the election, global peace would have been threatened (type 3)

5 If I arrive home late, my mum always some soup for me. (type 0)

6 If house prices 50 % tomorrow, I would try to buy a flat. (type 2)

7 If I had grown up in a very wealthy family, I think my parents me to a university abroad (type 3)

8 I am going to consider getting the ipad mini as soon as the price down (type 1)

9 The harbor so much more beautiful if they hadn’t reclaimed so much land (mixed)

10 Don’t disturb me when I my assignment (type 0)