Match the items on the left to the boxes on the right.

Function boxes

  • permission
  • ability
  • possibility
  • strong obligation
  • logical conclusion
  • tentativeness
  • habit
  • strong prediction
  • mild prediction
  • mild obligation
1. Can I borrow your phone?
    2. I can juggle.
      3. Predicting the stock market can be a difficult thing to do.

        All students must log onto the their account on day 1.


          Most students must be keen to enter the workforce after four years of study.

            6. I would not gamble on the stock market if I were you.
              7. I will take nap after lunch on most days.
                8. Liverpool will not win the cup this year.
                  9. If I keep up my hard work I should get an A in English this semester.

                    I should try harder to make more English speaking friends.