Mum's Birthday

Watch the following video clip from Teachers TV: ‘Mum’s Birthday’ and answer the following questions:



  1. What does Courtney (the girl) want Tom (the boy) to do and why?

    Take her to his house so she can meet his parents

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  2. Why won’t he take her today?

    Because it is his mum’s birthday

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  3. What did Tom forget to do?

    Buy a present for his mom

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  4. Why is the Father upset?

    Because Tom is late and broke his word/promise to be home early and help setting up for the party

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  5. What is the mum concerned or worried about?

    That Tom is being so secretive

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  6. What is the Father worried about?

    That Tom is not spending enough time studying and might fail

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In groups answers the following questions:
  1. How will the different characters (Mother, Father, and Tom) react to Courtney’s arrival?

  2. Is Tom pleased that Courtney has come to his house?

  3. What do the parcels contain?

  4. Who are the parcels from?