1. [00:00] And now search for the happiest place on earth. Disneyland claims that distinction of course. But with all due respect, we wanted some place where the mice don’t talk.
    The phrase ‘with all due respect’ means
    1.   the person expresses disagreement with the claim
    2.   the person is expressing respect for Disneyland
  2. [00:26] When you imagine the happiest place on earth, you may pick a spot with warm sands, soft breezes, a sun-kissed vineyard, or a Mediterranean village.
    Which of the followings is not a synonym for soft breeze?
    1.   strong wind
    2.   light wind
    3.   gentle breeze
  3. [00:43] you might choose this one: Land of the free; home of the brave. But when you let go of your patriarchal pride and travel brochure fantasy
    1.   release, as from one's grip
    2.   follow
  4. [01:07] we may be Number One in wealth and power. When it comes to happiness, the good ‘ole USA is Number 23.
    ‘when it comes to’ =
    1.   When it becomes
    2.   as for something; speaking about something.
  5. [04:00] A garbage man can live in a middle class neighbourhood and hold his head high.
    To hold one’s head high means to
    1.   Behave proudly; maintain one's dignity.
    2.   To look forward