Vocabulary – People and ideas

Part 1 - Vocabulary
A. Identify the meanings of the underlined words according to each sentence context.

1.She was one of my contemporaries at university. We spent a lot of time studying in the library together.
contemporary =
  a. someone who lives or works at the same time as someone else Correct
  b. someone who lived or worked in the past with someone else Incorrect
2.The moon was a brightly shining crescent.
crescent =
  a.a bright color that can only be observed in the evening sky Incorrect
  b. a curved shape that is wider in the middle and pointed at the ends Correct
3. The prisoner has been released for humanitarian reasons.
humanitarian =
  a.(a person who is) involved in or connected with improving people's lives and reducing suffering. Correct
  b. a person who is involved in or connected with improving peoples’ understanding of equality Incorrect
4. Most Muslims wish to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life.
pilgrimage =
  a.a trip to a holy place for a religious reason Correct
  b. a fasting diet at a holy place for a religious reason Incorrect
5. She reluctantly agreed to step down as managing director.
reluctantly =
  a.redundantly Incorrect
  b. unwillingly Correct
6. The region is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty.
renowned =
  a.famous and admired Correct
  b. announced Incorrect

B. Replace the underlined words/ phrases in the following sentences with their synonyms in the box below.

C. Select the correct plural form of the words below.

  singular plural          
1.criterion / / Correct! Sorry, try again.
2.phenomenon / / Correct! Sorry, try again.
3.hypothesis / / Correct! Sorry, try again.
4.analysis / / Correct! Sorry, try again.
5.thesis / / Correct! Sorry, try again.

Part 2 – handedness
In this exercise, you are going to watch a video about a right-handed teacher and a left-handed student. The differences between left-brain (right-handed) people and right-brain (left-handed) people are shown in this diagram:

(Click to see a bigger Picture)

After watching the video, check your understanding of the following vocabulary by completing the matching task below:

Video ©Xtranormal.com
Video ©smarterteacher.blogspot

Part 3 – Idioms with hand
Interpret the definition of the underlined idioms from the context of the following sentences.

1.It's no use asking Alice for help, she's got her hands full looking after the kids. 
have/ get someone’s hands full  =  
  a.not able to intervene Incorrect
  b.have spare time Incorrect
  c.have too much to do Correct
  b.not able to do different things Incorrect
2. It would be wise to have John on our team as he can turn his hand to anything.
turn someone’s hand to anything  =    
  a. be relied upon Incorrect
  b.able to do different things Correct
  c.do everything well Incorrect
  b.able to help or intervene Incorrect
3. He is what this troubled club needs, a good, solid manager, a safe pair of hands.
a safe pair of hands  = 
  a.available Incorrect
  b.reliable Correct
  c. able to help or intervene Incorrect
  b.able to do different things Incorrect
4. It's no use asking Alice for help, she's got her hands full looking after the kids. 
have/ get someone’s hands full  =  
  a.have a watch Incorrect
  b.have spare time Correct
  c.have time to help someone Incorrect
  b.have to do something Incorrect
5. I'd like to raise people's salaries but my hands are tied.
hands are tied  =
  a.not available Incorrect
  b.not able to help or intervene Correct
  c. not able to do different things Incorrect
  b.does not have too much to do Incorrect
6. She is glad that whenever she got into troubles, her trainer was always on hand to give advice.
on hand =
  a.available Correct
  b.reliable Incorrect
  c.together Incorrect
  b.helpful Incorrect
7. These tax cuts will give small business entrepreneurs a helping hand.
Give/lend someone a hand
  a.rely on someone Incorrect
  b.spare someone some time Incorrect
  c.do this for someone Incorrect
  b.help someone Correct
8. Prosperity goes hand in hand with investment.
goes hand in hand =         
  a.reliably Incorrect
  b.together Correct
  c.helpfully Incorrect
  b.along well Incorrect

Part 4 – Vocabulary Roundup
Select the correct answer for each of the following questions.

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