Click on verb from the box and drop it in the gap in the sentences.

  • derived
  • deteriorating
  • facilitate
  • consists
  • fluctuate
  • perceive
Example: Our new home is __located__ in the southern suburbs of the city:
1. The word ‘spectator’ is
    from Latin. Ans: derived

    2. The air quality is
      fast as the sales of vehicles are increasing. Ans: deteriorating

      3. Computers can be used in the classroom to
        language learning. Ans: facilitate

        4. Goulash
          of beef, onions, peppers and seasoning.Ans: consists

          5. The house prices continue to
            as uncertainty in the market prevails. Ans: fluctuate

            6. The specialist was able to
              what the problem was and prescribe the appropriate drugs. Ans: perceive