1. When the restaurant put up its prices so drastically, all the customers got together and decided to boycott the place. Answer: boycott
  2. It is only fair that people on a high income should pay more tax. Answer: income
  3. The government is trying to introduce more environmentally friendly methods of recycling. Answer: environmentally
  4. The planning division is currently working on a long-term strategy for the entire company. Answer: strategy
  5. The sales agents receive a basic salary and a 5% commission on all sales. Answer: commission
  6. Hong Kong is a multi-racial society and many ethnic groups live harmoniously together. Answer: ethnic
  7. Your essay will be judged according to the following criteria content, accuracy and organization. Answer: criteria
  8. The advertising company is looking for an innovative and talented young designer. Answer: innovative
  9. When the pilots went on strike, the value of the shares in the airline plummeted. Answer: plummeted (plunged)
  10. Make sure you use the freshest ingredients to ensure that the meal is very tasty. Answer: ingredients