Click on verb from the box and drop it in the gap in the sentences.

  • frustration
  • formula
  • upshot
  • slash
  • contradict
  • implement
  • context
  • barometer
  • prompt
  • perceive
1. The little boy was crying with
    at not being able to tie his shoe-laces. Ans: frustration
    2. The two sides were still working out an acceptable
      for settling the pay dispute. Ans: formula
      3. The
        of the heavy rains was that building work had to be delayed. Ans: upshot
        4. All the stores will
          their prices when the January sales start. Ans: slash
          5. Never
            what your elders say; they always know best. Ans: contradict
            6. We will
              the plan for our department as soon as the funding becomes available. Ans: implement
              7. The word ‘funny’ can mean ‘strange’ or ‘comical’ depending on the
                . Ans: context
                8. We can predict the weather by looking at the
                  . Ans: barometer
                  9. The interest rate cut in the United States will probably
                    a similar cut here. Ans: prompt
                    10. The doctor was able to
                      where the problem lay and prescribed a course of drugs. Ans: perceive

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