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VOCABULARY LEVEL 1 – Package 4 – Roots and Affixes

Learning Outcomes

By the end of VOCABULARY LEVEL 1 you should be able to
✔ study vocabulary independently
✔ use different strategies to expand and record vocabulary

Introduction to Independent Learning

Independent learning gives you more choice about what, when and how fast to study. It also prepares you to learn after complete full time education.

In order to study independently you need to be able to set your own aims, choose how you want to study and reflect on the usefulness of studying that you do and on your overall progress.

Since you have chosen to study VOCABULARY LEVEL 1, we can assume that you want to learn more about how to expand and remember words more effectively. The online activities are designed to help you to develop and build the bank of words and expressions that you have at your disposal.

To begin with, there is a vocabulary quiz which will give you some idea of where you strengths and weaknesses lie.

Package 4 Rating Form

Package 4 – Roots and Affixes

Using roots and affixes to build vocabulary

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit, you should be able to
✔ recognise some common prefixes, suffixes and roots
✔ use a dictionary to find other examples and expand your vocabulary
✔ deduce meanings of words from context.


Prefixes, suffixes and roots can help you to work out the meaning of words. The root of the word expresses its area of meaning, while the prefix and suffix give it definition and shape. A knowledge of these elements of the word can be a useful way of working out meanings and remembering them.With this technique you can also organize words meaningfully and learn them in groups rather than individually.

The prefix is a word element placed at the beginning of a root to modify its meaning and form a word.

Like most roots and suffixes, a prefix is not a word in itself. The root is a word element often of Greek or Latin origin, which provides the essential meaning of the word.

The suffix is added to the end of the word to modify its meaning and establish its part of speech.

Here is an example:

il + leg + ible meaning literally not + read + can prefix root suffix

Activity 1

Activity 2 Roots

Here are some common Latin roots and examples. Drag and drop the meaning word into the box below. If you choose the wrong answer the word will bounce back to the box.

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