Click on verb from the box and drop it in the gap in the sentences.

  • malfunction
  • un-American
  • misinterpreted
  • irrevocable
  • unforgettable
  • disqualified
  • unveiled
  • disconnected
  • underpaid
  • unconvincing
1. We could not carry on with the experiment as there was a
    with the computer. The technician is trying to fix the problem. Ans: malfunction
    2. The US government is getting increasingly concerned about the
      sentiment in Iraq. Ans: un-American
      3. John’s supervisor asked him to rewrite the findings section of his report as he had
        the results of the experiment. Ans: misinterpreted
        4. There is nothing Mr Brown can do. The committee’s decision is
          . Ans: irrevocable
          5. Living with a host family in London was an
            experience for Ann. She has learnt to be more accommodating. Ans: unforgettable
            6. The former gold medalist has been
              because of the positive result of his blood test. Ans: disqualified
              7. After a brief speech the mayor
                the new statue. Ans: unveiled
                8. Later I learnt that his phone had been
                  as he could not pay his last bill. Ans: disconnected
                  9. Most people believe that they are overworked but
                    . Ans: underpaid
                    10. Although he himself is a strong believer in supernatural powers, his explanation is
                      . Ans: unconvincing

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