Example:  The students are too dependent on their teacher.  (RELY)
The students rely too much on their teacher.

  1. The shortage of primary school places is due to the increase in the number of immigrants.(TRIGGERED)
    The decline in the number of births triggered a fall in the number of primary schools.
  2. There are too many people in the shopping mall at weekends. (OVERCROWDED)
    The shopping mall is overcrowded at weekends.
  3. I cannot read your handwriting. (ILLEGIBLE)
    Your handwriting is illegible.
  4. The government health warning did not reduce the number of smokers. (DETER)
    The government health warning did not deter people from smoking.
  5. Please give me your comments about the programme. (FEEDBACK)
    Please give me your feedback about the programme.
  6. We can feel the effects of pollution. (TANGIBLE)
    The effects of pollution are tangible.
  7. There are 20 engineering students in the class. (CONSISTS)
    This class consists of 20 engineering students.
  8. How much do you earn in a year? (INCOME)
    What is your annual/yearly income?
  9. The Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada met each other at the conference. (COUNTERPART)
    The Prime Minister of Australia met his Canadian counterpart at the conference.
  10. Seeing his supervisor’s look of disapproval, the student knew immediately that his project was not satisfactory. (INFERRED)
    The student inferred from his supervisor’s look of disapproval that his project was not satisfactory

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