1. That dress makes you look beautifully slim / bony / skinny and elegant.

  2. The tailor in the market is well-known for negative / inferior / shoddy workmanship.

  3. The cuts in spending provoked / resulted / stemmed an angry response from the residents.

  4. Hong Kong is a closely / thickly / densely populated city.

  5. She looks so sweet-natured, but then, appearances can be tricky / wrong / deceptive.

  6. The AIDS germ / bacteria / virus is prevalent in parts of Africa.

  7. When applying for residency, you need to give the details of your spouse / companion / buddy on the application form.

  8. By studying the last few entrants / entrees / entries on the Recent Transactions website, we could see what the current prices were.

  9. The word ‘spinster’ has a negative context / synonym / connotation.

  10. Could you give us more specialised / specific / special instructions on how to get to your house.