1. I cannot read your handwriting; it’s so untidy and almost totally illegible. (legible) Answer: illegible
  2. My grandmother went into a deep depression when my grandfather died. (depress) Answer: depression
  3. You should list your achievements in chronological order on your resume.(chronology) Answer: chronological
  4. That teacher is hyperactive and his behaviour is abnormal.(normal) Answer: abnormal
  5. Children who are brought up on junk food often show signs of malnutrition. (nutrition) Answer: malnutrition
  6. Taking yoga classes is found to be beneficial to one’s health and well-being.(benefit) Answer: beneficial
  7. Darwin’s theory of evolution is a major breakthrough. (evolve) Answer: evolution
  8. The teacher was suspicious that the students were cheating in the exam.(suspect) Answer: suspicious
  9. The quality of your work is very inconsistent; sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s poor. (consistent) Answer: inconsistent
  10. The football hooligans carried out a cowardly attack on a teenage supporter of the opposing team. (coward) Answer: cowardly