Click on verb from the box and drop it in the gap in the sentences.

  • frustration
  • commission
  • unresponsive
  • dictator
  • tranquil
  • inherent
  • homogeneous
  • convention
  • illustration
  • strategy
1. A feeling that you cannot do something you really want to do is called
    . Ans: frustration
    2. If you ask someone to carry out a piece of work that you pay for, it is called a(n)
      . Ans: commission
      3. If you do not respond or react to someone, you are called
        . Ans: unresponsive
        4. A ruler who has complete power over a country is a (n)
          . Ans: dictator
          5. When a place is very calm and peaceful, it can be described as
            . Ans: tranquil
            6. When something is a natural part of something else, it is called
              . Ans: inherent
              7. When people or things are all of the same kind, we call them
                Ans: homogeneous
                8. A tradition or way of behaviour which is considered normal in a society is a(n)
                  . Ans: convention
                  9. A picture or drawing in a book is called a(n)
                    . Ans: illustration
                    10. A series of actions for achieving an aim is called a(n)
                      . Ans: strategy

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