1. What on earth made you send that letter? prompted
    What prompted you to send that letter?
  2. The current unemployment is a direct result of the inflation of recent years. stems
    The current unemployment stems from the inflation of recent years.
  3. The collision was caused by ice on the road. due
    The collision was due to ice on the roads.
  4. A protest march followed the Prime Minister’s speech. provoked
    The Prime Minister’s speech provoked a protest march.
  5. The lazy student failed her exams as a result of doing no work. consequently
    The lazy student did no work and consequently failed her exams.
  6. The students’ IELTS scores have improved considerably, thanks to the workshops.led
    The workshops have led to an improvement in the students’ IELTS scores.
  7. The heavy rains meant that the foundation work was delayed. upshot
    The upshot of the heavy rains was that the foundation work was delayed.
  8. His stupidity has resulted in us having to do more work. owing
    Owing to his stupidity, we have had to do more work.

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