• post
  • graduate
  • inter
  • personal
  • sub
  • way
  • under
  • estimated
  • mis
  • interpreted
  • anti
  • social
  • mal
  • function
  • hyper
  • active
  • ultra
  • modern
  • tele
  • graphic

Example: I know his previous essays were poorly written, but I don’t think you should prejudge his final year project. It might be well written.

1. Angel received a first class honours degree and has recently enrolled on a
      programme. Ans: postgraduate
      2. Robert’s excellent
          skills impressed the interviewers. They clearly felt he would get on with the firm’s clients. Ans: interpersonal
          3. It will take you too long to cross the road; I recommend that you take the
              . Ans: subway
              4. I think Juliana
                  the time it would take to write up her final year project. She thought it would be ready on time, but in the end she missed the deadline. Ans: underestimated
                  5. You
                      my comments. I actually think you have a good writing style. It is just the format that needs improving. Ans: misinterpreted
                      6. The young people in the city centre were becoming drunk and rowdy. The residents complained that their behaviour was
                          . Ans: antisocial
                          7. We could not complete the experiment due to a
                              of the computer. The technician is trying to resolve the problem. Ans: malfunction(ing)
                              8. Some people say that the behaviour of
                                  children can improve, if tomatoes are eliminated from their diet. Ans: hyperactive
                                  9. Hong Kong is very proud of the
                                      buildings in its city centre as they make a good impression on tourists. Ans: ultramodern
                                      10. I need the money urgently. Please transfer it by
                                          transfer. Ans: telegraphic