1. 1.   The stadium can hold up to 3,000 people. spect: spectators Answer: spectators
    2.   The examination of the body revealed that the victim had been strangled mort: postmortem Answer: postmortem
    3.   The company sells its products to a number of countries in Asia. port: exports Answer: exports
    4.   The Centre for Independent Language Learning shows students methods for studying independently. auto: autonomously Answer: autonomously
    5.   Tracy goes over her notes several times before taking her test. vis: revises Answer: revises
    6.   This waste does not affect the environment as it is broken down naturally into harmless substances. bio: biodegradable Answer: biodegradable
    7.   Every time I enter a lift, I suffer from a fear of enclosed spaces. claustro: claustrophobia Answer: claustrophobia
    8.   The writer of the letter to the Editor gave a false name to guarantee anonymity. pseudo: pseudonym Answer: pseudonym
    9.   You don’t need to pay me back in US dollars; you can pay me back the same amount in Hong Kong dollars if it’s more convenient. equi: equivalent Answer: equivalent
    10. If you do not include a list of the reference books used at the end of your essay you could be accused of plagiarizing. biblio: bibliography Answer: bibliography