1. 1.   ‘Does Sheila work full-time at the supermarket?’ ‘No, only on and off when they need extra staff.’ Answer: spectators
    2.   The patient tossed and turned for at least an hour before he finally fell into a sound sleep. Answer: tossed and turned
    3.   If Mary wants her marriage to work, she’ll have to learn how to give and take Everyone has to make compromises. Answer: give and take
    4.   I can’t write the whole project today. I’ll have to do it bit by bit. Answer: bit by bit
    5.   Joe doesn’t want to be just friends; it has to be all or nothing. Answer: all or nothing
    6.   My English is progressing in leaps and bounds. Answer: leaps and bounds
    7.   slowly but surely John has realized she was lying. Answer: slowly but surely
    8.   Sunny won’t help her this time. She will have to sink or swim. Answer: sink or swim
    9.   According to him, the election was perfectly fair and square. Answer: fair and square
    10. He has to wine and dine important clients. Answer: wine and dine