Click on verb from the box and drop it in the gap in the sentences.

  • mouth
  • face
  • head
  • eye
  • foot
  • arm
  • nose
  • tooth
  • neck
  • heart
1) History assignments are a pain in the
    . They always get me frustrated.
    2) You said you didn’t invite Liz to your wedding? No wonder she walked out with such a long
      3) She has a(n)
        of gold. She has done voluntary work for over 20 years.
        4) Be careful with Jenny in the next office. Don’t tell her anything. She’s got such a big
          . Whatever she knows, everyone will know.
          5) It will be a very long meeting tomorrow. Those two managers never see eye to
            on anything. It doesn’t matter what they discuss, they always argue.
            6) I’m not going to Sogo with you. Everything there costs a(n)
              and a leg. With my kind of salary, I can’t afford to buy anything in that shop.
              7) Linda and Tony are
                over heels in love. They’re planning to get married.
                8) At the meeting that morning, the secretary regularly puts his
                  in his mouth.
                  9) He is so domineering. He likes to poke his
                    into everybody’s business.
                    10. 10) I know you have a sweet
                      , so I have bought some chocolates for your birthday.