Instructions: Match the items from the box at the bottom to the empty preference spaces in this table.

Objects to move

  • I write notes or keeping printed details
  • “let me try”
  • “show me”
  • I say them aloud or repeat words and key points in my head
  • “you have a go”
  • I demonstrate and let them have a go
  • “I see what you mean”
  • I watch the teacher
  • “I hear what you are saying”
  • I write instructions
  • “listen to me explain”
  • I work it out as I go along
  Activity Purpose Learners’ preferred approaches
Visual learner preference Auditory learner preference Kinesthetic learner preference
Preferred Approaches to Activities
To teach someone something
    I explain verbally
      To confirm understanding you’d say
          “I know how you feel”
          To ask someone for assistance you’d say
            “tell me”
              To help someone achieve the task you’d say “watch how I do it”
                  To learn a new skill
                    I talk it through with the teacher
                      To remember things
                          I do and practice the activity, or imagine it being done
                          To concentrate I focus on the words or pictures in front of me I discuss the problem and possible solutions in my head I move around a lot, fiddle with pens and pencils and touch unrelated things