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Applied Social Sciences
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Do you know these words?
The aim of this activity is to measure the number of words that you know on this topic. Below is a list of words related to this topic. Some of them are real English words, but some are wrong. Click on the ones that are real, and ignore the wrong ones. Clicking real words will increase your score, but clicking wrong ones will decrease it. When you have finished, click on the 'Check Answer' button. The program will give you feedback and advice on which words you need to learn.

Your score:
The real words of the wrong words are shown in blue.

adequate analyse argue asisst assist assess
broaden calcluatecalculate capabilities cause conclude
concept consensus constraints canductconduct contend
contrast deepen detrectdetect determine develop
devise discover discriminentdiscriminate dispute divide
effect enhance establish estimantestimate expand
express find fluctuate hypnothisehypothesis immaterial
inplementimplement include initiative intepretinterpret investigate
manage measure multi-faceted observe obtain
offer prodictpredict probe propose purpose
realize recommend redusereduce reflect relevant
respond result reveal show significentsignificant
similarly state strengthernstrengthen structure sufficient
suggest validate variable viewpoint  

Match the word to the definition

Fill in the gap with the best word.
  1. We must find solutions that are adequate for environmental problems we face; half solutions are no good.
    (Answer: adequate )
  2. To sum up your analysis in a short paragraph is to conclude your ideas.
    (Answer: conclude )
  3. In order to make your knowledge more full or complete you need to deepen your study of a particular subject.
    (Answer: deepen )
  4. We need to devise more ways to create energy for the world rather than rely on oil.
    (Answer: devise )
  5. Some people dispute the idea that the environment is in trouble and ignore the call to recycle, reuse and reduce.
    (Answer: dispute )
  6. It has taken some time to establish the fact that humans have caused environmental even though some people still refute the facts.
    (Answer: establish )
  7. Information about some topics can be difficult to obtain as the topic can be so new that there is not much in the way of research.
    (Answer: obtain )
  8. In order to understand some social problems we need to reveal the underlying or hidden issues and make them understood.
    (Answer: reveal )
  9. When we write an essay we state our hypothesis or thesis statement in the introduction.
    (Answer: state )
  10. When we mention or introduce a particular idea for consideration then we want to suggest our idea.
    (Answer: suggest )
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