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Do you know these words?
The aim of this activity is to measure the number of words that you know on this topic. Below is a list of words related to this topic. Some of them are real English words, but some are wrong. Click on the ones that are real, and ignore the wrong ones. Clicking real words will increase your score, but clicking wrong ones will decrease it. When you have finished, click on the 'Check Answer' button. The program will give you feedback and advice on which words you need to learn.

Your score:
The real words of the wrong words are shown in blue.

ultraound ultrasound tomagraphy tomography radiographer side effects
out patient sedate photons parotod parotid
proponents annually readiation radiation x-ray
therapy rhutorical rhetorical anedote anecdote nonrelevant irrelevant
restriction recommendasion recommendation persuasive potental potential
stress ianizing ionizing chemotherapy psychological
chronological historical span chunk
exclucive exclusive advocate escalation deorientation misorientation
refensive defensive acute dose pallitive palliative
objective scenario acessibility accessibility distinct
incidense incidence diagnosis radioactive imaging
tumor malignansy malignancy asymptomatice asymptomatic detecsion detection
screening IMRT scan

Match the word to the definition

Fill in the gap with the best word.
  1. It is only when pain and fever are masked by the palliative of aspirin that boils erupt on the human body.
    (Answer: palliative )
  2. His acuteness in the detection of errors is no less admirable than is the ingenuity shown in their correction.
    (Answer: detection )
  3. Radioactive material is a physical material that emits ionizing radiation.
    (Answer: ionizing )
  4. The incidence of occurrence, especially the number of new cases of a disease in a population over a period of time.
    (Answer: incidence )
  5. The richness of information and accessibility social networks offer is potentially wonderful.
    (Answer: accessibility )
  6. The division of a total therapeutic dose of radiation into small doses to be administered over a period of days or weeks is known as fractionation.
    (Answer: doses )
  7. She recounts anecdote after anecdote illustrating how she beat the odds.
    (Answer: anecdote ,anecdote )
  8. Proponents say hemp could meet an increasingly larger percentage of our domestic fiber and fuel needs.
    (Answer: Proponents )
  9. But more important, he was in acute pain, so needed immediate treatment.
    (Answer: acute )
  10. Light itself is made up of particles called photons .
    (Answer: photons )
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