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Rehabilitation Science
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Do you know these words?
The aim of this activity is to measure the number of words that you know on this topic. Below is a list of words related to this topic. Some of them are real English words, but some are wrong. Click on the ones that are real, and ignore the wrong ones. Clicking real words will increase your score, but clicking wrong ones will decrease it. When you have finished, click on the 'Check Answer' button. The program will give you feedback and advice on which words you need to learn.

Your score:
The real words of the wrong words are shown in blue.

active analyse assessmant assessment assistive
active (range of motion) case cause crhonic chronic
compound compresion compression congenital cervical
damaged diagose diagnose disability dislocated
effective elavation elevation evaluate exacerbate
exercise feedback fractare fracture full (weight bearing) ice
goal impaired interventin intervention isolate
loss (of motion) manage manipulite manipulate maximum
minimum motion non (weight bearing) objective
palpulate palpate partial pinched (nerve) process
program progresive progressive pulled (muscle) range (of motion)
reaction recovery rienforce reinforce relapse
referral reapititions repetitions resistance resistive (range of motion)
rest return (to play) risk rotaite rotate
status structure therapy tolerated
touch traxion traction treatment weight bearing (tolerated)

Match the word to the definition

Fill in the gap with the best word.
  1. The cause is the reason given for a particular disease or health problem being present.
    (Answer: cause )
  2. A problem relating to the neck or the narrow passage forming the lower end of the womb is known as a cervical issue.
    (Answer: cervical )
  3. Something that is effective produces the intended results.
    (Answer: effective )
  4. Helpful information in response to questions or observation is called feedback .
    (Answer: feedback )
  5. To find and deal with (something, such as a problem) by removing other possibilities means you isolate the problem.
    (Answer: isolate )
  6. An act or process of moving is known as motion .
    (Answer: motion )
  7. Pain or discomfort to (a part of the body) by pressing or being too tight is known as pinched and often happens to a nerve.
    (Answer: pinched )
  8. An injury to a muscle in which the muscle fibers tear as a result of overstretching is known as a pulled muscle.
    (Answer: pulled )
  9. A recommendation to consult a (professional) person or group by another professional such as a doctor is known as a referral .
    (Answer: referral )
  10. Resistance exercises using stretch bands are performed to increase the strength and mass of muscles.
    (Answer: Resistance )
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