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Textiles and Clothing
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Do you know these words?
The aim of this activity is to measure the number of words that you know on this topic. Below is a list of words related to this topic. Some of them are real English words, but some are wrong. Click on the ones that are real, and ignore the wrong ones. Clicking real words will increase your score, but clicking wrong ones will decrease it. When you have finished, click on the 'Check Answer' button. The program will give you feedback and advice on which words you need to learn.

Your score:
The real words of the wrong words are shown in blue.

Prim Chic Cordoroy corduroy Suede
Chiffonness like chiffon Acuamarine aquamarine Coral Fusia fushia
Khaki Cheked checked Frogging Tunic
Bolera bolero frayed Pantyhose Bikini
Embroiderness embroidery Floral Patch Slitless unslitted
Tailored Frilled Horizontel horizontal Voluminous
Canvas Crochet Crochet Tweed Vivid
Pastel Intence Intense Luminite luminous Tartan
Cape Cardigan Charlk chalk Briefs
Boxers Robe Halter-neck Mint
Polka-spot Stiped striped Plane Cargo
Safari Sailor Prevertical vertical

Match the word to the definition

Fill in the gap with the best word.
  1. It gives emeralds their green or red hues and acquamarine its light blue.
    (Answer: acquamarine )
  2. Then she put on her golden brown, fur-collared ski jacket, over a white turtleneck sweater and tailored fawn slacks.
    (Answer: tailored )
  3. Some move front to back, some stationary, some diagonal and some horizontal .
    (Answer: horizontal )
  4. The interior design features a mixture of muted browns and pastel blues.
    (Answer: pastel )
  5. Floral designers cut and set up live, dried, or fake flowers into designs. .
    (Answer: Floral )
  6. The cape looked like two stiff bat wings attached to his arms.
    (Answer: cape )
  7. String bikini tops are similar and are tied in place by the attached stringpieces.
    (Answer: bikini )
  8. It would be best to wear a campaign hat, a khaki shirt and shorts, tall socks and a neckerchief.
    (Answer: khaki )
  9. Fishermen have no boats, only frayed nets cast from shore.
    (Answer: frayed )
  10. For a longer-lasting star that can be walked on, use spray or marking chalk .
    (Answer: chalk )
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