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Vocabulary for proposals
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Do you know these words?
The aim of this activity is to measure the number of words that you know on this topic. Below is a list of words related to this topic. Some of them are real English words, but some are wrong. Click on the ones that are real, and ignore the wrong ones. Clicking real words will increase your score, but clicking wrong ones will decrease it. When you have finished, click on the 'Check Answer' button. The program will give you feedback and advice on which words you need to learn.

Your score:
The real words of the wrong words are shown in blue.

Solicited Planning sales secondary goals
content appropriate details objectives addressed
unterpreted interpreted nediatedmediate unovatedinnovated fabricated
ingradedupgraded programmed underlookoverlook relationship
critical rationale neglect misinterpret
modest debatable valuable smallcomingshortcoming
insolicited unsolicited research project deliverables
focus on benefits background methods arbitrated
recruited conceptualised assembled overhauled
solved insubstantial compare/contrast explanation
imvestigate investigate synthesise unregard disregard controversial
unfluential influential unficiency deficiency flaw limitation

Instructions: Match the items in the boxes on the left with the items on the right:
  1. Click in the table cell containing the item you want to move.
  2. Click in the table cell where you want the item to go. The words will swap position.
  3. If an item is in the right position, it will have a green background and a tick.
  4. When all the table cells are green and have ticks, you have finished.

       Score: /


Complete these sentences with the best word:
  1. I have to write this unsolicited proposal to suggest how the problem will be solved.
    (Answer: unsolicited )
  2. There have been many new, innovative features introduced.
    (Answer: innovative )
  3. We were told to disregard these latest figures.
    (Answer: disregard )
  4. The objective is clear. A solution to the problem must be found.
    (Answer: objective )
  5. Can you please stop neglecting this sector and give it the attention it deserves.
    (Answer: neglecting )
  6. They have asked me to arbitrate in their dispute to help them reach a compromise.
    (Answer: arbitrate )
  7. A shortcoming is that this cannot be used on all platforms.
    (Answer: shortcoming )
  8. We need to overhaul the whole system.
    (Answer: overhaul )
  9. Can you please specify what the deliverables are?
    (Answer: deliverables )
  10. We have assembled a top team to help you.
    (Answer: assembled )
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