Vocabulary and Listening - Arts and Entertainment

Task A

The words below are often used in performance reviews. Select the options that best match the descriptions.

Task B

The compound adjectives below are often seen in the field of Arts and Entertainment. Match the words with their definitions.

Task C

Complete the crossword with the verbs in the box below. These verbs are also often used in the field of Arts and Entertainment.

Task D Vocabulary Round Up

1. Replace the underlined words with words with similar meaning from section A-C. Use the correct form of the words to make your choice grammatical.

i) reinforce
ii) company
iii) choir
iv) bill
v) virtuoso
vi) venue
vii) enabled
viii) identify

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2. Complete the sentences below with suitable words appeared in section A-C. Use the correct form of the words to make your choice grammatical.

i) The bill for tonight at the comedy club promises a laughter-packed evening.
ii) What I don’t like about rock music is that it’s very drum- and bass-heavy.
iii) Don’t miss the opportunity to see this award-winning film – it well deserved its six Oscars.
iv) No matter how awe-inspiring it can be, the use of animals for entertainment shouldn’t be encouraged – many circus animals are brutally abused during the training sessions.
v) The British-born singer, raised and educated in London, could perform with any of the soul greats.
vi) Caroline is a better dancer because she is professionally-trained. I only got to go to classes at weekends.
vii) The star- studded show features actors and singers from all the top musicals.
viii) His house is so out of the way that you’ll never find it without a map.
ix) Surveys indicate that the broadcast industry undervalued the public interest in user-generated content.
x) Video and music sharing sites tend to erode consumers’ respect for the rights of media producers.
xi) Social networking sites enable users to rapidly distribute information to their peers.
xii) The pattern of internet use for entertainment varies considerably according to age.
xiii) Greatly increased internet use will consume both bandwidth and energy resources.

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Grant Kempton (2010). Advanced Language Leader Workbook. Pearson Education Limited. UK: England.

A. Listening comprehension

Documentary - Da Vinci’s Code

Dan Brown's best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code claims that Jesus fathered a bloodline hidden for centuries by a secret society. In this documentary, National Geographic looks for the evidence of fact behind this popular work of fiction. From the existence of a secret society said to guard the secrets of Jesus Christ's bloodline to Da Vinci's alleged clues placed within his paintings, the National Geographic team speaks with scholars from around the globe to find out what measure of truth Brown's book holds, and why some believe that the descendants of Jesus exist to this very day.

Summarized from

Reprinted with permission from the allrovi.com

B. Comprehension

Read the following questions once (this gives you an idea of what to pay attention to while watching). Then watch the clip and answer the questions by checking TRUE or FALSE or NOT GIVEN.

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