Read the proposal and then select the best alternative for each gap.

Extending and Developing Our Product Range


The aim of this proposal is to suggest new products we could add to our existing product range and to 1. ___ ___ ways in which the products could be developed.

Our current product range

At the moment, our company produces accounting software for small retail outlets. This software takes managers of small businesses 2. ______ the process of producing legally acceptable accounts step-by-step while producing the payroll at the same time.

The need for new products

While we know from the feedback that we are achieving high levels of customer 3. ______ with our existing products, we have to recognise that we operate in a dynamic and swiftly changing market. Furthermore, more extensive market research among our clients has uncovered 4. ______ for compatible software to perform stock-control and ordering functions.


Our programming department 5. ______ employs six systems engineers and produces regular updates for existing products, while 6. ______ them to suit individual clients. Although two engineers could be assigned to the development of the new programs, it would probably be necessary to recruit two more engineers for the new product team. This, in turn, would give rise to higher overheads and other costs, particularly for salaries and equipment. I believe that the 7. ______ project will take 18 months, but at the end of that period it will generate profits which will justify the 8. ______ .

Other costs

Apart from the recruitment requirements mentioned above, the only extra cost I have identified in connection with this project is a need for extra office 9. ______ to accommodate the project team. As the new products are being developed in response to demand from our existing clients, I do not foresee extra marketing costs at this stage.


I therefore recommend that we 10. ______ with this project as soon as it is convenient. I also think that we need to start looking for staff and office space so that we can get this project off the ground without delay.