Making complex sentences using connectives that introduce subordinate clauses 1

Connectives mini-lesson

  1. These connectives must have a subject and a verb following them: because; whereas; even though; yet
    e.g. I studied hard for the exam because I failed the previous one.

  2. These connectives must have a noun phrase following them: due to; despite
    e.g. Due to her strength and positive attitude, she overcame her sickness quickly.

  3. This connective must have a verb following it (to complete the infinitive form): in order to
  4. e.g. He sent her flowers in order to make her feel better when her dog passed away.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  5. To show one event caused another (cause and effect), use these connectives: because; due to; in order to

  6. To show contrast (two opposite or different ideas), use these connectives: whereas; even though; yet; despite


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